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We are Laurie Sisia + Tammy Dix, proud owners of Center Stage and Design.
We are passionate about providing home staging and design services throughout greater Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe Area!
Our specialties include design and staging based on clients' specific needs, our professional experience, and of course- budget! 
We work tirelessly one on one with you to create a beautiful, welcoming environment for any space. We offer staging services for both realtors as well as private homeowners. We love to design residential, commercial, and vacation homes. We vow to never skimp on the process because we know selling a home, or even deciding to redecorate is a big investment! Since there are so many moving parts in both designing and selling a home, we enjoy taking the time to walk our clients through the process step by step, making sure they are getting exactly what they have in mind. We go above and beyond to curate functional spaces you will be sure to love, guaranteed! 

Our motto - "You only get one chance to make a first impression! Let's make it an "Aha Moment!"


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