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Three's Company on Christmas...

What's your theme?

This year we put a spin on the traditional Christmas tree setup. We wanted to make our tree at least 3 times better than last year. So what did we do? We decorated 3 trees...

Center Stage and Design Christmas Tree

Yes, you're seeing that right. We decorated 3 trees. Each with its own theme. One traditional themed, one white themed and the final one has a red theme. You might be saying, "Well, a color really isn't a theme..." Well we're here to tell you it is!

A theme can be anything you want it to be from just a color to a whole style of decorations like traditional decor, eclectic, or even modern farmhouse. The real key to making your tree beautiful is just to use your imagination and have fun! There's no rules!

Are you wanting to do something creative with your tree this year, but maybe creativity or decorating isn't one of your strong suits? That's OK, we can help! Comment below or send us an email with a picture of the room your tree is in and we can help you come up with some wonderful ideas that will make your tree look amazing for the holidays!

We can even help you decorate the rest of your house if you want to expand your festive look! Christmas is one of our favorite holidays and we love creating new and unique styles to help spread holiday cheer. We're eager to help so comment below or send us an email at for some amazing holiday decorating tips!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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