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Top 5 Simple Design Trends for 2019

This time of year is always a great opportunity to get yourself ready for the new year. Whether it be following through on those New Year resolutions or finishing up that project you've been putting off.

If you're project is updating that home of yours then we have just what you need! Take a look below at the Top 5 #Simple Design Trends of 2019.

#1. Bold Colors

We found that bold colors are definitely the preferred pallet this year. When using dramatic red‘s, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens, you’re muted furniture and decor really pop. Add one of these colors to any room in your house #simply with a picture on the wall, silk flowers in a vase, pillows on the couch or a rug on the floor.

#2. Velvet

Yes we said velvet.... this once considered old fashion multi-texture has made a comeback! It adds that nice cozy feeling you're looking for in your bedrooms and living room. Go all out with velvet furniture such as couches and chairs, or keep it #simple with some decorative pillows! These new additions are sure to make your space oh-so cozy and inviting!

#3. Floral

Doesn't sound much like the "new" year when we keep going back to old fashion, but bright floral wallpaper is in! What was once big in the 70's is going to be used in exaggerated proportions to really express a statement in 2019. If you're a little intimidated by floral don't worry, take a small step and just start with a #simple throw pillow here and there. For you more bold readers out there try covering a wall or even an entire room!

#4. Natural

Stone and concrete. These materials set the tone for a great ambiance while allowing you to enjoy the environment around you. A #simple stone bowl with some moss always looks great on a coffee table. Bigger items like concrete tubs, floors, and counter-tops are also a hot ticket item in interior design right now.

#5. Copper

Earthy oranges, red undertones, and shiny metallic's are sure to give your space a fresh look for the new year. Copper and metallic wall art are all the crave right now. Copper canisters, bowls, and kitchen utensils are some other #simple ways to give you that feeling of the outdoors indoors.

If you're scared to try any of these things don't be scared to give us a shout! We're happy to help in any way we can. Send us a message on Facebook, our website, or even call or text!

Get ready to enjoy and show off your "new" home in 2019!

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