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Let’s brighten things up!

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Do you have a dark hallway that doesn't have enough natural light? Does it need to be brightened up? Do you struggle with how to go about making the changes yourself? Here are a few ideas that we have learned! They are simple and affordable... Some of the information we have on colors may even surprise you!

1) Paint the walls a light, neutral color.

It seems like when people try to brighten a hallway without much light, they lean towards bright, cheerful colors.  What we have found though, is that these colors, can actually absorb the light to make it seem darker. Therefore, choose a cool, the lightest shade on the paint chip. This helps the whole space flow and it reflects beautifully, in the little or no natural light that you have.

2) Bring in as much cool white as you can.

Did you know that an"Orangey," wood trim darkens and ages a space?  So, in that dark hallway, you can paint all the trim and baseboards white and that way you will bring out the cool, airy feeling of the light colored walls and make the hallway seem bright instead of like a dark cavernous walkway.

3) Update to hardware with silver undertones.

Replace those bright, shiny gold and brass doorknobs and hinges in the hallway! These tend to look really outdated. Changing them out, with satin stainless knobs or brushed nickel, will look much more modern but still feel simple and classic.  Hardware is easy to find and can be stylish and affordable,

4) Use simple and crisp wall decor.

We are all about "gallery walls" and "bold statement pieces" on walls, but in a hallway without much natural light, this might not be the best place for these.  By using a few simple white frames and some printed pictures, this will help to fill in the wall space and add a little style and color, without being overwhelming.  Hallways are transitional spaces, so choose pieces that will catch your eye without having to linger too long.  

5) Spray paint old vents.

A good coat of spray paint or two gives your floor and ceiling vents a brand new look and it's so inexpensive.

We hopes that this little bit of information helps make things a bit more easier for you to make your hallway bright and beautiful. We would love to hear any feedback from you! And if you try our little "hallway tips" please send us some pictures.

Have fun!

Tammy and Laurie

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